182 Independent Army Aviation FlightEdit

The 182nd Independant Army Aviation Flight is the forward deployed army aviation unit in the South East Asia AOR.

The unit has several roles in the region;

  1. To support the training of Australian Army units based in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand
  2. To support the joint training of the Malaysian, Singaporean, Brunei and Thai forces
  3. To be the ready response force assett in times of natural disasters in the SEA AOR
  4. To be the forward located army aviation unit in support of ADF operations in the SEA AOR

The unit is made up of several sub-units

  • Flight HQ Cell, RMAF Butterworth
    • Forward Operations Centre RTAF Udon
    • Forward Operations Centre RBAF Seria
    • Admin Section
    • Training and Def Ex Section
  • Rotary Wing Cell
    • Heavy Lift Section (1 x CH-53)
    • Medium Lift Section (4 x UH-90)
    • Light Utitility Section (4 X AUH-72, 2 x AUH-9)
  • Support Aviation Cell
    • Light Cargo Section (3 x C-23)
    • General Cargo Section (1 x C-27)

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