183 Independant Army Aviation FlightEdit

The 183 Independant Army Aviation Flight is the forward deployed, operational Australian Army Aviation component attached to Australian Joint Forces - PNG.

The flight has several roles while stationed in country;

  1. To train Australian Army pilots in "hot and high" conditions
  2. To support the training and operations of the PNGDF
  3. To be a ready response force for support in times of natural disaster
  4. To be the forward located aviation unit in support of Australian operations in the PNG AOR

The flight is made up of several sub-units

  • Flight HQ Cell, Port Moresby
    • Forward Operations Centre, Madang
    • Admin Section
    • Training & DefEx Section
  • Rotary Wing Cell
    • Heavy Lift Section (1 x CH-53)
    • Medium Lift Section (2 x UH-90)
    • Light Utility Section (4 x AUH-72)
  • General Support Aviation Cell
    • Utility Aviation Section (2 x UV-18)
    • Light Cargo Section (2 x C-23)
  • Ground Support Cell
    • RAEME Workshop Section
    • Transport Section
    • Security Section
    • QM Supply and Distribution Section

Operational Chain of CommandEdit

Joint Australian Theatre Command

  • Land Component Command, Australian Theatre Command
  • III Corps HQ
    • Australian Forces - PNG (Army)
      • 183 Independant Army Aviation Flight