1st Special Boat Squadron (Marine Commando)Edit

The 1st Special Boat Squadron is the top level special operations unit of the 5th Commando Brigade (Marine Commando). The 5th Commando Brigade is an administrative unit of the Royal Australian Navy Marine Corps, but operationally falls under the joint Australian Special Operations Command (AUSOCOMD). It is often informally seen as another squadron of the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).

It does not fall under administrative or operational control of the Australian Commando Group, whereas the majority of 5th Commando Brigade units do.



1st Special Boat Squadron

  • Squadron HQ Troop
  • A Special Boat Troop
  • B Special Boat Troop
  • C Special Boat Troop
  • D Special Boat Reconaissance Troop
  • E Special Boat Support Troop
  • Reserve Special Boat Troop

Operational DetachmentsEdit

  • SBS Operational Detachment - A
the SBS's contribution to Tier Zero SOTG-A
  • SBS Operational Detachment - B
the SBS's contribution to the SOTG-B, consisting of two Offshore Assault Teams
  • SBS Operational Detachment - M
an independantly deployable maritime assualt team
  • SBS Operational Detachment - X
an independantly deployable maritime special reconaissance and intelligence asset
  • SBS Operational Detachment - Z
an independantly deployable small boat unit

Force GenerationEdit

As with most of the top level special operations forces in the ADF 1 SBS works on a 50/50 operational /reset model. That is 50% of the unit is operational whilst 50% is on a reset phase. The three primary Special Boat Troops have a total of 12 platoons to draw on, so effectively 6 will be operational whilst 6 will be in reset. This allows one platoon for SOTG-B, one platoon for M Det, one platoon for Z Det and one platoon for each of the three geographic special operations task forces; 3 SOTG, 4 SOTG and 5 SOTG.

D Troop being the Special Boat Reconaissance Troop supplies a detachment to SOTG-A and also makes up the X Detachment. D Troop is a lot smaller then regular the regular troops being about half the size.

  • A Troop
    • ​1 x Platoon SOTG-B
    • 1 x Platoon M Detachment
    • 1 X Platoon reset
    • 1 x Platoon reset
  • B Troop
    • 1 x Platoon Z Detachment
    • 1 x Platoon 5 SOTG
    • 1 x Platoon reset
    • 1 x Platoon reset
  • C Troop
    • 1 x Platoon 4 SOTG
    • 1 x Platoon 3 SOTG
    • 1 x Platoon reset
    • 1 x Platoon reset
  • D Troop
    • 1 X Platoon X Det and SOTG-A
    • 1 x Platoon reset