Joint Base Christmas IslandEdit

Joint Base Christmas Island is a small yet significant facility under the overall command of Border Protection Command. Units from the Australian Army, RAN, RAAF, Customs Border Protection and the Australian Federal Police share the facilities used in the patrol and enforcement of Australia's maritime borders. The facility is also home to an immigration detantion facility.


The primary mission of the joint base facility is to support actions in patrolling and securing Australia's maritime borders.

Command Edit

Whilst ultimately falling under Joint Operations Command - Australian Theatre, directcommand of the Christmas Island facility falls under Australian Border Protrection Command. The Australian Defence Force elements have a dual reporting structure via Northern Command, of Joint Operations Command - Australian Theatre to Australian Border Protection Command. HQ Joint Task Force 370 is the tactical operations HQ operating out of Darwin's Northern Command facility.


Several different organisations share the Christmas island facility. The majority of units and elements working out of the Christmas Island facility all fall under Joint Task Force 370 "NORFORCE"' (JTF-370) and operate under Operation Resolute. The detention centre facility and it's Australian Protective Service staff fall outside of the joint task force's administration.

Australian Customs and Border ProtectionEdit

1 x Force HQ Element (Base HQ element, joint staffing under ACBP adcon)

2 x 65m ACPB Patrol boats are on regular roatation through the base

1 x P-9J Maritime Patrol Aircraft is on regular rotation through the base

2 x H-xx Utility Helicopters are premanently stationed at the base

2 x 11m RIB Vessels

1 x BORSTAR (Border Protection Search, Trauma and Rescue) Team on regular rotation

1 x BORTAC (Border Protection Tactical) Team on regular rotation

1 x Border Intelligence Team

the Pilbarra Regiment, Australian ArmyEdit

1 x Surveillance Platoon is on regular rotation through the base

  • 1 x Transit Security Element is on regular rotation to support Border Protection operations against illegal entries.

1 x Force Communications Unit (joint element also containing ACBP staff for force communications)

1 x Force Support Element (Service and support to entire task force)

  • Catering Section
  • Workshop Section
  • MP Team
  • Forward Health Section

Royal Australian NavyEdit

1 x 80m Multi Role Patrol Ship on regular rotation through the base

1 x Naval Communications Team (within FCU)

1 x Naval Logisitcs Fuel Storage Facility

Royal Australian Air ForceEdit

1 x C-xx Small Jet Transport is permanently stationed at the base for general support RAAF Base Cocos Islands

Australian Federal PoliceEdit

1 x AFP - Australian Protective Service Detention Facility Unit

1 x AFP Investigtions Team (2 officers)

1 x AFP Operational Support Team