Joint Task Force - 381 Edit

Joint Task Force 381 is the current joint operational force conducting "Operation Anode" in the Solomon Islands under the combined South Pacific regional government intiative known as the Regional Assitance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI). The Task Force is the military component operating alongside the participating Pacific Police Forces and many other civilian departments and non-government organisations that make up the enire RAMSI group.

HQ JTF-381

FWD HQ Staff - Honiara
(REAR HQ Element - Townsville)
Force MP Element
Investigations Team
Force Communication Element
Force Intellegence Element
Force Support Element
Rotary Wing Element
2 x MH-90
Support Team

TF-381.2 Land Component Command

A Company
Command Platoon - Australian
1 Platoon - Australian
2 Platoon - Papua New Guinea Defence Force
3 Platoon - Tongan Defence Services
Weapons Platoon - Australian
B Company
Command Platoon - New Zealand
1 Platoon - New Zealand
2 Platoon - Australian
3 Platoon - Fiji Defence Force
Weapons Platoon - Australian Gurkha Battalion