Malaysia Australia Joint Defence ProgramEdit

As a sign of the long history of Australia's close defence relationship with Malaysia, in 1992 with the Malaysia Australia Joint Defence Program (MAJDP) was signed. The aim of the program involves enhancing the effectiveness of the bi-lateral defence relationship between Malaysia and Australia. Under the program, ADF officers have the opportunity of undertaking long-term attachments with the Malaysian Armed Forces while similar numbers of Malaysian officers are attached to Australian Defence Force Units. Significant numbers of MAF personnel also undertake military training courses in Australia at institutions such as Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies, Australian Command and Staff College, Australian Defence Force Academy and the Duntroon Royal Military College while Australian officers attend the Maktab Turus Angkatan Tentera. Australia and Malaysia also conduct frequent bi-lateral exercises to improve interoperability, promote understanding of each other's unique operational environments and to strengthen the military skills and capabilities of both forces.